1982, Buenos Aires

Lucila Guichon is a an artist, artistic producer and teacher based in Berlin. She creates performances, video-installations and collaborates on theater projects. Moving between diverse collaborative partnerships, she researches the contemporary urban environment as a laboratory and stage for artistic creation. She designs, produces and coordinates projects with theatres, museums, cultural institutions and individual artists. Since 2010 she has worked as a freelance member of the artistic team of the Mestizo Arts Platform (Belgium) . (MAP

She worked in projects such as Proximamente Festival, Mestizo Arts Festival, BRAINS, Mijn Dagelijkse Portie Kunst, Studio Urbanization, MAFfe Vrijdagen, MURAL, MAPping Antwerpen, De Mensen Maken de Stad, WIPCOOP, Versus,…

She developed concepts and Projects with different institutions such as: #HETMAS ★ #KVS ★ #HETPALEIS  ★ #BezirksamtPankow ★ #Arenberg ★ #La ConquestadelPolSud ★ #FotoMuseumAntwerp ★ #MurgaBelgium ★ #MOOOV ★#DeMensenMakendeStad ★#NietoSobejanoBerlin